Strawberry Line section closure for essential embankment repairs

Map showing the Strawberry line temporary closure

North Somerset Council are planning to carry out required repair works to the collapsed embankment near to the Ilex Lane Bridge on Strawberry Line in October / November.

Latest update: 26/10/2020.

We have received confirmation Monday 9 November 2020 is now the date when Strawberry Line will be closed between The Millennium Green at Woodborough Road Winscombe and Station Road Sandford work will start of the embankment repair just north of Ilex Lane Bridge.

This will also involve closing approximately half the area of the Millennium Green to the public for the duration of the works, all the public rights of way that cross the Strawberry Line on this section will have crossing points for the contractors where the public will have right of way at all time.

Further information on the condition of the diversion routes for users with impaired mobility will be made available before the 2 November 2020

For health and safety reasons, it is going to be necessary to close the whole of the Strawberry Line and the Winscombe Millennium Green between Station Road Sandford and Woodbrough Road Winscombe.

All the required diversion signs and plans will be in place during this closure.

For further details, please see the map below.

Map showing Strawberry Line walking and cycling closure for repairs works
Map showing Strawberry Line walking and cycling closures around Millennium Green