Businesses pedalling and walking for a greener West of England

Kit-Nisbet-of-Lost-Horizon-with-Metro-Mayor-Dan-Norris (1)

Aardman Animations, Bath’s Royal United Hospital and Lost Horizon Coffee are helping to get more people walking and pedalling to work by sharing their experiences in a new guide launched by the West of England Combined Authority, led by Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

The “Joy in the Journey” guide is jam packed with helpful advice for businesses to support their employees to walk or cycle.

Top tips in the guide include accessing grants for installing bike racks or showers, getting advice on planning journeys, and how to set up a cycle to work scheme.

Dan Norris, Metro Mayor said:

Getting people out of cars and onto bikes, scooters, walking and public transport is vital if we’re going to cut congestion and meet our ambitious net zero targets. I’m delighted that these local people and businesses are sharing their successful stories of how they’ve encouraged people to make the switch to cycling and walking.

Dan Norris West of England Metro Mayor

The Mayor recently visited Kit Nisbet at Lost Horizon Coffee who is featured in the guide. He was able to buy an e-bike using a grant and now is using it to deliver his coffee to happy customers while growing his business sustainably.

Kit Nisbet said:

I would recommend to other businesses who want to minimise their carbon footprint to seriously consider factoring in E-bikes for local deliveries and local business travel; it will reduce the cost of travel, pollutants in our air, and they’re really good fun.

Kit Nisbet Lost Horizon Coffee

Tony Prescott, Head of Estates at Aardman Animations is involved in supporting as many employees as possible to walk or cycle to work. He said:

This last year has been very difficult for everyone, but what it has done is given people the opportunity to go out to walk and cycle more. We’d like to think, as people come back to work, they do want to walk, they do want to cycle to work and that increase in well-being and fitness is bound to be a benefit to the business.

Tony Prescott Head of Estates at Aardman Animations

Cris Fletcher, Sustainable Travel Officer at Royal United Hospitals Bath has first-hand experience of the health and well-being benefits of walking and cycling for staff.

During the pandemic, walking and cycling has given staff an opportunity to process and switch off at the end of the day. Staff have reported a reduction in stress allowing them to feel energised, ready for some non-work time.

Cris Fletcher Sustainable Travel Officer at Royal United Hospitals Bath

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