Life Cycle UK provides free cycle parking to help Bristol businesses respond to COVID-19

Illustration showing cycle stands

Local charity Life Cycle UK is offering free cycle stands to small organisations in Bristol thanks to funding from the Megawatt Community Energy Fund.

The imperatives of COVID-19 and climate breakdown have seen organisations across the city working hard to promote and facilitate sustainable transport such as walking and cycling. To help smaller organisations contribute to this effort, Life Cycle is providing and installing up to two cycle stands through its Take a Stand® scheme. To recognise the financial pressures of COVID-19, there will be no cost to the recipient. All they have to do is apply.

The number of cyclists has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with bike commuters rising by 38%.  Life Cycle’s Take a Stand® scheme will provide much-needed cycle parking to help people on bikes better access to local jobs and services. The scheme is open to smaller organisations who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 – or micro organisations with an income of under £10,000. The simple act of installing cycle parking could give a crucial financial boost, leading to a possible increase of up to 500% in retail spending.

Public transport usage has dropped and there are concerns about an increased number of cars on the road, leading to higher levels of pollution. Take a Stand® will empower organisations without large Sustainable Transport budgets to provide for their communities and combat climate change. 

Life Cycle’s ‘Sheffield stands’ are strong and sturdy, reducing bike theft and giving peace of mind to cyclists and business owners alike. Life Cycle will deliver and install cycle parking for up to four bikes to local organisations completely free of charge – subject to eligibility. Click here for more details about eligibility and to apply.

Life Cycle is delighted to receive funding from the Megawatt Community Energy Fund to deliver this scheme.  The scheme is administered by Quartet Community Foundation, who match charitable donors with community groups. The Bristol-based charity has made over £41 million in grants across the West of England.  Working with Bristol Cooperative Fund and Low Carbon Gordano they have created the Megawatt Community Energy Grant to reduce fossil fuel consumption and tackle energy poverty.

About Take a Stand®

Life Cycle has been successfully delivering its Take a Stand® scheme for many years in multiple areas including BANES, Bristol, Bournemouth, Derby, Herefordshire and Swindon. Thanks to new funding from Megawatt Community Energy Fund, they can continue to offer ‘Sheffield stands’ to small, local businesses, shops and community organisations in Bristol.

To apply for up to two free cycle stands for small businesses and community organisations, visit Life Cycle UK.
Link to Life Cycle UK