Inclusive Cycling sessions still running at BFCC during Lockdown #3

A lady riding a hand cycle

So it’s Lockdown. Again. But we are keeping positive. As the restrictions change everyone has to keep adapting. Bristol Family Cycling Centre unfortunately can’t remain open for all, but we can provide the opportunity to cycle for our disabled riders.

During this third lockdown, disabled riders can book 30 minute sessions Monday to Friday using a cycle from the centre’s collection of inclusive cycles. The sessions are between 10am and 3.30pm and are supported by experienced cycle instructors.

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I am really happy we are able to provide this opportunity, so people can still enjoy cycling in a huge amount of space on our 400m track”

Tim B Instructor

Sessions are booked by calling 01275 832 800 or emailing

Introducing a selection of our of Wheels for All Cycles.

photo of a platform bike

The Platform Bike

With this cycle wheelchair users can remain in their chair and still enjoy cycling around the track. The ramp provides space for wheelchairs to be manoeuvred straight onto the front with a carer cycling behind.

A photo of the divinci wheelchair cycle

The Wheelchair Cycle

For wheelchair users who can transfer, this comfortable cycle gives riders the opportunity to sit front and centre around the track. Great to also introduce reluctant riders to the joy of cycling with the wind on one’s face.

A photo of the handcycle

The Handcycle

This is a true workout for the arms. The pedals are controlled by arm movements so this cycle is suitable for users whose strength is in their upper body. This cycle can develop coordination and can also be used for wheelchair users who can transfer.