BikeLife | Bristol 2017 – An assessment of City cycling

BikeLife2017 cover image

Bike Life is inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account and is an assessment of city cycling development including infrastructure, travel behaviour, satisfaction, the impact of cycling, and new initiatives.

This is the second report from Bristol following on from the original report published in 2015. The information in
this report comes from local cycling data, modelling and a representative survey of over 1,100 residents in Bristol conducted by ICM, an independent market research and polling company.

Key statistics

  • 26 million trips made by bike in Bristol in the past year
  • £1.4 millionNHS annual savings, equivalent to the average salary of 61 nurses
  • up to 24,515 carsare taken off Bristol’s roads by bicycles each day, equal to a 73-mile tailback
  • £62 milliontotal benefit to Bristol from people riding bikes

More details on the report findings and methodology can be found at