Man standing with his bike in Victoria Park Bristol

Why have you started cycling?

Reason why I originally started cycling was to lose weight, however since picking up the bike I have immersed myself completely and cycling to work and back has become a daily routine.

Where is your favourite place to cycle

I like the Bristol to bath path as well as cycling to Yate. However, I am also fond of the off the beaten track finding new and exciting routes can be good fun.

What cycling means to you

Cycling gives me a sense of freedom, which being cooped up in a car stuck in heavy Bristol traffic does not, being active makes a whole load of difference to the way I perceive life and after a stressful day of work there is nothing better than a good cycle home or sometimes on the odd occasion to the pub.

Type of bike

I own a hybrid, it fits in with cycling in the city as well as days out in the weekend

How often

Daily cycling has become the norm for me , back and forth to work and at least once at the weekend : )


I have a busy life of juggling three different careers which are acting, singing and teaching.