Cycle September - LoveToRide

photo montage of people cycling

This Cycle September LoveToRide is offering extra prizes for riders in Bristol and North Somerset, so your chances of winning are even higher! 

What is Cycle September?

Cycle September is a great way to engage your community, particularly local businesses, in a fun and engaging campaign that will help them achieve their health, wellness and sustainability goals.

The month-long competition is not all about who can ride the most miles, but about encouraging as many people as possible to join the competition, help their workplace climb the leaderboards and ride for health, happiness and fun.

As well as our highly targeted communications, we also have dedicated webinars, Quick Courses and Badges to maximise engagement and behaviour change outcomes for Cycle September 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Everyone can join in – from regular riders to people who haven’t been on a bike in years (or ever!)
  • Individuals only have to ride for ten minutes to go into the prize draws and help their organisation climb the leaderboard (long enough to experience the joy of riding a bike and overcome some mental barriers to riding, and short enough to be an easy first step to taking up riding)
  • You can ride anywhere any time – it doesn’t have to be a commute to work, any bike ride counts
  • Earn points by riding and encouraging others – the organisations which earn the most in September will win in their industry and size categories to help keep things fair
  • Share the love – encouragement is at the core of Cycle September and we want people to invite their co-workers, friends, and family to take part
  • There are some amazing prizes to be won by participating and encouraging others to rediscover riding
  • Cycle September is based on a tried and tested model – we’ve engaged over 570,000 people worldwide, including 132,000 ‘new riders’ (people who haven’t ridden a bike or have only ridden a few times in the 12 months prior to registration)
#CycleSeptemeber is a campaign run by LoveToRide and grant funded by Bristol City Council and North Somerset Council.

How to register

Sign up to take part by clicking the link below.